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Auberge de Founex

It is amazing what you can find in small little hamlets that surround Coppet and Nyon. After a mixed hockey training session in nearby Coppet, a teammate suggested a drink in a nearby restaur...


Rating: 5 Wok Rating

Aux 5 Sens

I have only been here perhaps two or three times in total, and have developed a serious love for this restaurant already. Firstly, I had no idea what to expect about Senegalese cuisine having...


Rating: 5 Wok Rating

Lanna Thai

I went to Lanna Thai for lunch with a couple of colleagues in autumn, nervous as I usually am given I grew up eating Thai food all the time as my dad was a restaurateur in a Thai restaurant i...


Rating: 2 Wok Rating

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Banana Rum Icecream

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